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Brotato [MOD - Menu, Money, Damage] - get ready for a thrilling adventure in the zany world of 'Brotato,' where you, a brave potato named Brotato, wield an arsenal of up to 6 weapons to fend off waves of relentless aliens in this top-down arena shooter roguelite. As Brotato, you're not just any ordinary spud. You're the last hope against the alien onslaught, armed with an impressive ability to simultaneously wield and fire up to 6 weapons. With your unparalleled firepower, you'll face off against hordes of extraterrestrial invaders in heart-pounding battles. Every playthrough in 'Brotato' is a unique experience. Dive into the fray armed with an array of distinctive traits and items, combining them to craft your own distinctive playstyle. Whether you prefer a tactical approach, relentless offense, or a balance of both, the choice is yours. 'Brotato' is an addictive blend of strategy, action, and sheer chaos. Customize your potato hero with a plethora of traits and gear, weather the alien storm, and hold out for the ultimate goal: rescue. Become the legendary Brotato and turn the tide against the alien forces that threaten your existence!

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