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RFS - Real Flight Simulator

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  • RFS - Real Flight Simulator MOD
  • RFS - Real Flight Simulator MOD
  • RFS - Real Flight Simulator MOD

RFS - Real Flight Simulator [MOD - Full Game] - feel like a pilot of huge metal birds, exploring the world and the airspace in a game for your android device. Once in the cockpit of the plane, you can explore anywhere in the world, looking back at the beauties that can only be seen at such heights, depart on routes indicated on satellite maps, communicate with colleagues and dispatchers in real time. You can change the appearance of the aircraft, customize the control panel for your own convenience. Fly both in daytime and at night. Everything goes according to plan, the departure of your plane, the approach to landing and the transition points. The possibilities are so real, limiting weight and fuel consumption. Weather, snow, cloud cover, clear weather, wind direction and speed, possible turbulence and ambient temperature are also taken into account. A satellite map with steep terrain resolution is available. Discover a new experience by taking the plunge into this profession, have a great time.

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